Tickets for Tarab

Journey to Tarab Festival 2019

A Call to Awareness

Dear Guest: with the purchase of this ticket, you are agreeing to attend our festival with the intentions of being respectful of the environment you find yourself in as well as the people around you. Therefore, you must keep the following in mind:

  • At Tarab, we want everyone to have a transformative experience. There is absolutely no place for any form of discrimination at our festival. Sexism, racism, homophobia and all other forms of poor behavior will not be tolerated at any time. Being a safe and open space for our guests is our top priority.
  • Celebrate and enjoy your time with open eyes and an open mind for both yourself and other festival-goers. If you ever find yourself needing to talk to someone or report a feeling of discomfort for someone else, please do not hesitate to find a host. We love hearing your thoughts, as our aim is to make your festival experience the best it can possibly be.
  • Please do your part and produce as little waste as you can. Only take with you exactly what you will need (the less packaging, the better!) and make sure to recycle at the appropriate stations. Nature is not a trash bin!
  • Just so that it’s loud and clear: any type of littering or destruction to the environment will not be tolerated!! You really do not want to be caught throwing around trash on the festival grounds.
  • The same rule applies to cigarettes — dispose of them properly in your pocket-ashtray.
  • Thoughtfulness and carefulness is highly regarded in the Tarabian Valley. Please be respectful and treat the decoration and festival grounds with love. That means refraining from graffitti, vandalism and other forms of destruction while you are attending our festival.
  • Hungarian laws also apply to our festival, which means that drugs are forbidden!
  • The festival grounds are not barrier-free. If you have a disability and would like to attend our festival, please write us an email so that together, we can figure out how best to support your needs

The Tarabian Valley is waiting for you

Please understand that the Sale for Bus Shuttle Tickets ends on July the 3rd.

More on our lineup, bands, cultural program and workshops you find below with our Tree of Tarab trailer. Secure yourself a ticket for our Journey to Tarab Festival 2019  – we are looking forward to celebrating these four magical days with you.

Join us on our most epic trip thus far!

Travel guide

11th – 14th of July, 2019 | Zsambek, Hungary


𝕯 𝖗 𝖆 𝖈 𝖍 𝖊 𝖓 𝖓 𝖊 𝖘 𝖙 & 𝒮𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓅𝓅𝑒 𝒦𝒶𝓉𝒶𝓉𝑜𝓃𝒾𝑒

 Elias Doré

Tony Casanova (Live)

 Heimlich (Showcase)

 Casimir von Oettingen


 jane ulé


Pauli Pocket


 Daniele di Martino

 Kotelett & Zadak




 Jin Yerei

 SAGAN música & Altair




Vista Shepherd

 Daniel Santiago b2b Daniel Ban


 Vedat Akdağ

 Je m’ampelle Frikadaelle

 Moonbase Patel Disco


 R Å M I R O



 Ben Falb

 Late Night Jockel Session





Alex Eigner

Aron Rausch



Smacs & the Sailor

 Electronic Elephant

 Anton Feine



 Robin Ma’Ar

 Max Schell

 Tobias Bartholomä

 Wille zum Wahnsinn

 BdB Ro & Amar


Al Paca

Sarah Satorii

Benno Wohl

Veronika Amie

KSOT Soundsystem

Fabiano José

Leo Stussy

Made-Up Name

Marcell Wallet


Live Bands

General Information about the Tickets

This year we have once again limited the amount of tickets for the Journey to Tarab festival. The reason for doing so is to protect our comfortable and familiar atmosphere, as well as to pour all of our energy into creating a rich program full of colorful diversity. Please contact us directly if you have questions about buying tickets or if you run into problems during the ticket process. We want everything to go smoothly and for everyone to have a life-changing time:

  • Camping (with your own Tent) for all four days is included with the purchase of a festival ticket.
  • It is strictly forbidden to access the festival area without a festival band. Please, under no circumstances, should you give your band to someone else.
  • The festival grounds are for people that honor our volunteered time and effort through the purchase of a festival ticket.
  • Reselling your ticket: to avoid fraud, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of tickets that are sold over other platforms. We can only guarantee authentic tickets that are safely purchased through our website. Also, information about ticket-buyers is not publicly available.
  • Cancelling your ticket: if you are unable to attend the festival because of personal reasons, it is possible to cancel your ticket and receive a refund for up to the original price plus a fee of 8 Euros. Any ticket cancellations are possible until June 11th, 2019. After that there will be no further option to do so.
  • ID’s will be controlled at the gates – please understand that individuals who are underage will not be granted entry to the festival at any time.

The Tarabian Valley

Bus Shuttles from Vienna to Zsambek

For everyone who is unable or does not want to come by car, never fear: we are offering a shuttle bus from Vienna! The tickets for the shuttles will be available soon in the ticket shop. Problem solved – your ride in and out of the Tarabian Valley is secured.

Departure times from Vienna to Zsambek

  • Thursday, July 11th – 12:00
  • Thursday, July 11th – 16:00
  • Friday, July 12th – 12:00
  • Friday, July 12th – 15:00

Departure times from Zsambek to Vienna

  • Sunday, July 14th – 16:00
  • Sunday, July 14th – 20:00

The shuttle bus will leave from Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna near the loop around point for the busses (Meiereistraße). In Zsambek, it will leave from the parking lot of the festival grounds. If any of this information changes, we will notify everyone who has bought a ticket either here or through email.

In order to take the shuttle, you will need to buy a ticket online beforehand, as all the bus drivers will check. Please understand that because of organisational complications, it will not be possible to buy a ticket at the station or on the bus. Therefore it is of the highest importance that you buy your ticket online beforehand and print it to take with you, in order for your trip to go as smoothly as possible.

As the past festival has shown us, there are usually some empty seats left on the shuttle for the way back. If this happens again this year, you can get more information at our Info Point stand.

The same terms and conditions apply for the shuttle bus tickets as for the festival tickets!